Accident prone

Duration: 2:44

Richard needs the first aid box again...

Accident prone


Richard has a problem. He has hurt his hand.

So for this week’s podcast on, we’re talking about accidents in the home.

Richard, what happened?

Well, it’s not my hand, actually. It’s my finger.


As you know, we bought a new kitchen knife, which is very sharp.

And I was cutting vegetables. I wasn’t looking properly and I cut my finger.

Now, did you say it hurt?

It did actually hurt. Afterwards, it hurt and there was quite a lot of blood.

Yeah. So what did you do?

Well, I put a plaster on.


It seems to be OK now.

Yeah. OK, Richard, but this is not the first accident in the home for you, is it?

No, I’m a bit accident prone, aren’t I?

Last year, I was getting the chicken out of the oven and I burnt my hand.

I remember that.

And also…

I remember doing the washing up once.

I was washing up glasses. A glass broke and I cut my hand again.

Oh, yes. Yes, yes. That was painful.

It wasn’t good, was it?

But OK, when you were a child as well, did you have accidents?

Oh, Jackie, Jackie, I used to have accidents all the time.

Your poor mum.

I know. I remember one day I was playing in the kitchen.

I slipped and I banged my head on the corner of the table.

Oh, that sounds horrible.

It was. It wasn’t very nice at all.

Did you cry?

I’m sure I did. I had a very big lump afterwards, that’s for sure.

Now, we do have a first aid kit, don’t we?

Yes, just as well. Lots of plasters in it.

Yeah. What else do we have in there? We have some creams.

Yes, creams for…

Antiseptic cream.

Antiseptic cream. If you get bites or stings…

Creams for that as well. And of course, pills.

Headache pills.

Headache pills and painkillers.

And we have a thermometer.

We do, don’t we?

A new one.

In case we had a fever, but I don’t think we’ve used that.

No, no.

I also remember as a child, one day I spilled a hot cup of tea on my arm.

You burnt your arm?

I burnt my arm as well, yes.

Honestly, Richard?

Well, they do say that boys have more accidents than girls.

I’m not surprised.

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