Fruit and vegetables

Podcast Level: Basic
Duration: 2:01

 we are talking about fruit and veg. Yeah, not in the shops.

Fruit and vegetables


For this week’s podcast on, Beginner’s Podcast, we are talking about fruit and veg.

Yeah, not in the shops.

No, not in the supermarket, not in the market, in our garden.

We have a large garden where we grow fruit and vegetables, fruit and veg.

Yes, and we grow everything from seeds.

Now, in the spring, we have broad beans. The beans are very long and very big. Not much in the spring, Richard.

No, but we have lots in the summer.

Yeah, we have tomatoes, small red ones and large yellow ones.

And we have corn, bright yellow corn, very sweet and my favorite. We also have potatoes.

And we have…

And we have auberges. They’re a dark purple color.

And we also have onions.

Now, summer is a good time for fruit, Richard. We have bright red raspberries, my favorite, red strawberries and melon, kind of green melon.

Green melons, yes. And we also have plums, blue plums but green on the inside and also yellow ones.

We have sweet peppers.

Green ones, yellow ones and red ones.

Yes, and also peaches, lovely orange peaches, very sweet.

In the autumn, we have cauliflower with white heads and then broccoli with blue-green heads.

But in the winter, nothing.

No, we have leeks

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