Happy or sad

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How are you feeling today?

پادکست انگلیسی Happy or sad

For this week’s podcast on English.com, we’re talking about feelings.

So, Richard, how are you feeling today?

Not great.

Oh, really? Why’s that?

It’s the weather. All this rain. It’s grey, cold and wet.

I feel a little sad.

Yeah. So, you’re OK when the sun is shining?

Yes, yes. I feel much better when the weather is good.

A nice, hot, sunny day. Then I feel great.

And I’m very happy when Liverpool win a football match.

When they win, Richard. But during a match, you are worried sometimes.

That’s very true.

Very true.

Very true. I’m worried. And also, I get so angry with the referee, usually.

But you, Jackie, you don’t feel excited when you watch football.

Sometimes I do. I quite like football. It’s golf I don’t like. I feel bored when we watch golf.

Yes, I like golf. But you don’t watch it.

Because I feel bored.

Anyway, Richard, I feel lucky about…

I feel lucky about the weather. The rain is good. And I feel safe inside. It’s warm and dry inside.

Yes, that’s true. Actually, I do feel sorry for footballers who play outside in the rain and the cold.

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