Bands of gold

Duration: 3:56

Jackie and Richard talk about the jewellery they wear

Bands of gold


Our topic this week is something that everyone all over the world can wear.

Men, women, children, old or young, rich or poor.

Yes, for this week’s podcast on, we’re talking about jewellery.

Richard, tell the listeners what jewellery you’re wearing.

Well, I’m wearing a wedding ring, a gold wedding ring, which was handmade for us on the Isle of Man, which has a special Celtic symbol design.

Normally, men wear their wedding rings on their left hand, but yours is on the right.

On my right hand, yes, because it doesn’t fit on my left finger, my left wedding ring finger.

But that’s it, is it?

That’s it.

That’s it. In the past, I wore cufflinks with shirts.

I used to like wearing cufflinks, but I don’t wear formal shirts anymore, so just the normal buttons.

Now, you’re wearing a wedding ring as well, aren’t you? The same design as mine.

Yes, it’s a matching wedding ring, but I do wear mine on my left hand.

But it’s exactly the same, but just smaller.

But in addition, you are also wearing my mother’s old wedding ring.

Yes, it’s a very plain gold band. I like it very much. It’s slightly, it has a slightly different colour. It’s redder in colour, isn’t it?

I think it’s got more gold in it, which makes it softer, which means it wears out quicker than our rings.

That’s very nice. But I’m not wearing an engagement ring. We didn’t really think that was necessary, did we?

I don’t remember getting engaged. I remember getting married, but not engaged.

Now, I know, Jackie, you also have a box upstairs, don’t you? Full of earrings.

I know. Earrings, which I say I don’t wear anymore.

Right now, I’m wearing a pair of very plain silver earrings.

I don’t know if you remember, Rich, we bought them on holiday in Thailand, and now I never take them off.

Do you remember?

You know I’ve got a bad memory.

Yeah. It’s funny because I think I don’t wear jewellery, but actually I’m also wearing two.

Two bracelets.

Yes, I know you often wear those.

I always wear these. Two on my left wrist. One is gold and one is silver.

And they’re both of… with a dolphin design.

They were presents from my parents when they went on holiday to Greece.

I never take those off either.

Yes, I really like them. They’re a lovely design.

You mentioned those bracelets, Jackie, but you have got a lot of bracelets upstairs as well, haven’t you?

Yeah. I’ve got bracelets, wooden ones from Africa.

I’ve got some beautiful jade ones from Asia, silver ones from… I don’t know where.

I never wear them now.

Hmm. But you do have also jewellery for special occasions as well.

I have a very nice silver necklace with some dark red gemstones.

Now, I wore that to… for our wedding and I wore it to my niece’s wedding last year, but that’s it.

But you’ve forgotten, Jackie, you also have some brooches as well.

Oh, from your mum?


Yeah. One is on a jacket and the other is on a coat.

Oh, actually, I’ve just remembered I do have another piece of jewellery.

I have a ruby ring.


Which belonged to my grandfather.

Are you serious? I had no idea. Probably nothing expensive, Richard.

We tend to go for cheap and cheerful, don’t we?

You never know. I might have to dig it out and see. It might be worth it if you bought it.

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