Good morning

Podcast Level: Basic
Duration: 1:25

Richard talks about his first meal in the morning.

Good morning

Good morning. For this week’s Podcasts in Beginners’ Podcast, we are at the breakfast table.

Richard, talk about your breakfast.

I have a simple breakfast. Toast.

Toast and margarine?

No, toast with butter.

  1. And marmalade?

No, with jam. Our own plum jam. It’s delicious.

  1. And to drink?

To drink, I have orange juice. Fresh orange juice.

Now, I have tea for breakfast.

Yes, but I have coffee.

Black coffee?

No, no. White coffee. Coffee with milk.

So, toast and jam, white coffee and orange juice.

Yes, but on Sundays…

I have pancakes.

Pancakes with…?

Pancakes with bananas.

Banana pancakes?

Yes. And with lemon juice and with honey.

And of course, again, with orange juice, coffee, white coffee. It’s delicious.

Toast and margarine?

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