Daylight hours

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What time do we get up in the morning?

پادکست انگلیسی

For this week’s podcast on, we’re talking about the time we do things, our routine.

Yes. So, starting in the morning, what time do we get up?

We get up about seven, seven-thirty.

Yes. And then breakfast around quarter to eight.

After breakfast, we always take Betty, our dog, for a walk.

I take her on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Yes. And I take her on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

And of course, on Friday, we all walk together.

Yeah. So, how long is the walk, Richard?

Well, it’s about an hour or an hour and a half.

So, we’re back at around quarter to ten.

Yeah. Now, you like lunch at twelve o’clock.

But for me, that’s far too early. I prefer lunch at twelve-thirty.

Yes. I’m always hungry, especially after the dog walk.

Now, I think the afternoons can be different.

It depends on our work, if we go shopping or if we have a meeting.

Yes. But we do like to have an afternoon cup of coffee with a biscuit.

Or a cup of tea.

Yeah. Perhaps around, what?

Three o’clock.

Hmm. I think our evening meals can be different, too.

If we eat at home, we usually have supper at seven o’clock.

But if we go out to a restaurant or out with friends, we usually eat at seven-thirty or

eight o’clock, a bit later.

Yes. Now, at night, I always go to bed first, around about ten-thirty. And sometimes I read

in bed.

Yeah. I never go to bed that early. Usually, I stay up until eleven or eleven-thirty.

But at the weekend, Richard, is it the same or different?

Well, we are very boring. There’s no change at the weekend, really.

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