Feel at home

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we're talking about our new house.

Feel at home


For this week’s podcast on english.com, we’re talking about our new house.

Yes, yes. We now live in a new house. We still live in Portugal, but now we live in the north of the country.

Yeah, it’s a small house. There’s an upstairs and a downstairs.

Downstairs is the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.

Yeah, three rooms in one.

And in the kitchen, there’s a table and we eat our meals at the table.

Yeah, we always eat at the table, Richard.

Of course. And the living room just has one sofa. No armchairs. It’s very simple.

Yeah, we do have a TV.

Of course, of course we have a TV. We watch the TV every evening after dinner.

Now, also downstairs, there’s a small garden. There’s also a table and stools where we eat if we want. If it’s warm outside. And there’s flowers and lots of trees. It’s very pretty.

It’s very relaxing. And we have some chairs where we can sit outside and read or just relax.

Upstairs has two bedrooms. Our bedroom and, luckily, a spare bedroom.

Yes, we need that for when we have visitors.

But there are also two bathrooms.

Yes, it is a small house.

But there are two bathrooms. I think that’s very important.

And, of course, Richard, there’s a study for you.

Very important. So I can work on podcasts in English.

So, perhaps, Richard, that’s the most important room in the house.

It’s where the work gets done, that’s for sure

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