Our next holiday

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we're talking about our next holiday.

Our next holiday


For this week’s podcast on english.com, we’re talking about our next holiday.

Yes. OK, let’s think about what we like doing on holiday.

Well, Richard, you know I like walking. I like walking in the countryside.

Yes, you walk every day here.

I know, I know, but I like walking on holiday too.

Hmm, I like visiting museums.

I know, Richard, but that’s very boring.

No, no, there are some great museums. I like visiting museums in old houses as well. You know I like history and I love visiting castles.

Hmm, I’m not sure.

Well, we both like eating. We both like eating local food.

Yes, yes, and I really like eating outside.

And we want sunny weather.

Of course. Not a cold place, a sunny place, but not too hot.

And to keep cool, we both like swimming too. So near water, so we can go swimming at the sea or a river or a lake.

OK, so nice countryside for walking. Castles.

Yes, good food, nice weather.

And somewhere to swim. So let’s go to…

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