Scotland the brave

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Duration: 2:02

Jackie and Richard talk about the land of the Scotland.

Scotland the brave


For this week’s podcast in, we’re talking about Scotland.

Yes. Now, Great Britain has three countries – England, Wales and Scotland.

Yeah, and Scotland is in the north.

Now, about five and a half million people live in Scotland and half a million people live in Edinburgh.

Yeah, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It’s a beautiful city. There are lots of interesting old buildings and a famous castle.

Edinburgh Castle.


But Edinburgh is not the biggest city. More people live in Glasgow.


Now, Scotland is a beautiful country.

Yes, yes. There are mountains.


And islands.

And lakes.

The highest mountain in Britain is in Scotland, Ben Nevis.

And it is 1345 metres high.

Yeah, and there are lots of islands. In fact, there are 790 islands.

Yes, and right in the north, there are the Shetland Islands.

There is lots of wildlife too. You can see red deer.


Grey seals.

And golden eagles.

Yeah. Scotland is famous for many things.

Many things, yes. Men wearing skirts.


Yes. Music.

The bagpipes.

And porridge. The best meal for breakfast.

And whiskey.

Of course, whiskey,

yes. But don’t forget Nessie.

Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.


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